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Water Pump

Electric Peripheral Pump 370W 0.5HP TOTAL

Input Power: 370W/0.5HPMax Head: 35mMax Flow: 35L/minMax Suction 8mPipe Diameter 1"..


Electric Centrifugal Pump 750W (1HP) TOTAL

Input Power: 750W/1HPMax Flow: 110L/minMax Suction 8mPipe Diameter 1"..


Electric Centrifugal Pump-370W (0.5HP) TOTAL

Input Power: 370W/0.5HPMax Flow: 80L/minMax SuctionPipe Diameter 1"..


Electric Submersible Pump 400W TOTAL

Input Power: 400W(1.0HP)Max.Head: 8mMax.Depth: 7mPipe Diameter: 1"With 9m Cable..


Pam Air Eletrik Romeo RQB1313

Brand : Romeo Model : RQB 1313 Suitable for small house or single story usage/ Gardening purpose / Cleaning Purpose Max Head : 34 m Max Suction Dept :8 m Rated Power :370 W 1.8 A Max Temperature..


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