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PVC Fittings

PVC Ball Valve S/E LD828

PVC Ball ValveA ball valve is a valve that opens by turning a handle/gear attached to a ball inside the valve. The ball has a hole or port through the middle, so that when the port is in line with bot..


PVC Elbow

PVC FittingsPenyambung paip PVC elbow..


PVC Elbow 45 Degree

Paip elbow 45 darjah PVC..


PVC End Cap

END CAP PVC PIPE FITTINGSSIZE: 1/2" 15MM 3/4" 20MM 1" 25MM 1-1/4" 32MM 1-1/2" 40MM 2" 50MM 3" 80MM 4" 100MM ONLY FOR PVC PIPE - High Quality - Safe for drinking water - Odorless ..


PVC End Cap Thread

PVC End Cap Thread..


PVC Foot Valve Thread

PVC Foot Valve Thread√ Very good appearance formed in one piece injection moulding.Withstand high pressure.Alkali and acid resistant.Durable and long lastingEvery PVC Ball Valve pressure tested.Materi..


PVC PT Elbow

PVC FittingsPenyambung paip PVC elbowAda Thread..


PVC PT Elbow Brass Thread

PVC FittingsPenyambung Paip PVC PT Tembaga..


PVC PT Socket Brass Thread 1/2'' (15mm)

PVC FittingsPVC PT Socket Brass ThreadFeatures : Easy Install High Quality Good value for money Strong & Durable Material : PVC..


PVC PT Socket Female

PVC FittingsSize:1/2'' - 15MM3/4'' - 20MM1'' - 25MM1 1/4'' - 32MM1 1/2'' - 40MM2'' - 50MM3" - 80MM4" - 100MMTo solvent faucet or ball valves directly to PVC-U pipeHeat Resistance up to 60 celsiusResis..


PVC PT Socket Male

PVC FittingsPVC Socket for ValveSize:1/2'' - 15MM3/4'' - 20MM1'' - 25MM1 1/4'' - 32MM1 1/2'' - 40MM2'' - 50MM3" - 80MM4" - 100MMthese fittings are used for solvent cement jointing to PVC pressure pipe..


PVC PT Tee Brass Thread

PVC FittingsPVC PT Tee Brass ThreadThis equipment is used for the consolidation of solvent cement into PVC pressure pipes.PVC pressure pipe systems are suitable for cold water services such as water r..


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